Tune4Win M4P Converter: Convert M4P to MP3 with Virtual CD-RW

Screenshot of Tune4Win M4P Converter: Convert DRM music to MP3, WMA or WAV.

After you install Tune4Win M4P Converter on your computer and run the Tune4Win, you'll see the main window as the following.

Main Interface of Tune4Win M4P Converter

tune4win m4p converter, convert m4p to mp3


Settings of Tune4Win M4P Converter:

Before you begin to convert music files, you may change the settings of Tune4Win. After click the "Setting" button on the main window, the settings dialog will popup as below:

Tune4mac M4P Converter - Preference

Main manager window of Tune4Win M4P Converter:

Tune4mac M4P Converter - remove drm protections from audio files

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